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How Consistent Good Habits Help You To Stay On the Right Path

May 09, 2024

Every day, your self-discipline is tested. 

When your alarm goes off in the morning, you face your first test: Either get out of bed, or hit snooze. If you’ve been working on habit-building, that test might be easy for you. But there are moments when your discipline is really tested — and how you choose to respond says a lot about who you are. 

Recently, I attended a major legal conference in Las Vegas. This goes without saying, but Vegas can be overwhelming. Slot machines, 24 hour nightclubs, casinos full of open blackjack and poker tables — it’s easy to let go of your ‘normal’ routine. 

Over the weekend, I watched high-functioning people toss their good habits to the side to indulge in Vegas. By no means am I passing judgment on individuals who chose to hit the Strip, or network over drinks. But you better believe it changed my perception of who has similar values, who I can trust with business, and who I can rely on. 

Don’t use the fear of missing out (F.O.M.O.) to throw away good habits. 

Just because something is going on — an event, party, even friends texting you to join their happy hour — doesn’t mean you have to indulge. 

I used to have F.O.M.O. all the time. I overbooked myself by attending every event, dinner, happy hour, birthday party as possible. Even if I didn’t feel up to it, I told myself that so-and-so was going to be there, and I really wanted to network with them, and found an excuse to go. 

I burned out quickly. I started to realize how counterproductive happy hours were toward my fitness goals. I noticed how staying out late — even for business reasons — led me to sleeping in late, missing workouts, eating poorly. 

Eventually, I said enough was enough, and that no matter what’s happening, I’m going to stick to my routine. I learned through experience that F.O.M.O. was almost never justified, because even if I made a solid connection, my personal routine was compromised in the process which hurt my personal goal in the long run. 

Self-discipline is the key to personal growth. 

And practicing self-discipline for a long time is what kept me on my routine in Vegas. 

I was able to see past the temptation of going to 10pm dinners, knowing I can make a genuine connection with those people on another time — my time. My husband Mike and I led 5:30am workouts every morning throughout the conference. We had plenty of lunches and dinners, but I made sure to stay on my routine, and not let F.O.M.O. dictate my weekend. 

Don’t let the excuse of an event, or peer pressure from friends or family overcome you. At the end of the day, you are a result of your habits. Learn to combat the F.O.M.O. by practicing self-discipline. You’ll be amazed at how much you grow. 


Thanks for reading :)

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